How to Stay Fit and Healthy This Christmas


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It is inevitable that you will gain a few pounds over the festive season. If the chocolate advent calendars do not catch you on the lead up to Christmas, then the turkey and that extra Yorkshire pudding are guaranteed to get you on Christmas day. I like to think that gaining a little bit of weight during December is just another festive tradition… like listening to Christmas songs. So you should not spend the whole of December stressing and constantly monitoring your weight. It is the season to have fun, relax and celebrate.

Yet you can regret eating a whole box of Celebrations or Twiglets to yourself when you step onto the scales on the 1st January. So here are a few tip that will help you stay fit and healthy during the christmas period.

Christmas Cracker Jokes

It has been proven that laughing can burn calories, so crack open the crackers!
To start you off, here is the cracker joke of 2017:

“Why was Theresa May sacked as the nativity manager?’

‘She couldn’t run a stable government.”

Rock out to those Christmas Tunes

Put in your headphones and dance, jog or workout to those upbeat Christmas songs. I find that whacking on the tunes whilst I am cooking results in me dancing around the whole kitchen: re-enacting the flash dance, busting out moves my grandparents would be ashamed of and prancing like Rudolf. If that does not burn some calories then I do not know what will. Plus I am often so distracted by the dancing that the food gets burnt… so I then consume less calories. It is a win win!

Here is a link to my Top Christmas Songs:

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Work out

There are so many other things going on at Christmas that working out can often take a back seat. I am guilty of avoiding the gym ‘Because it is christmas!’. Yet that is a rubbish excuse. Instead you could reduce the amount of time you are at the gym but increase the intensity of the work out. Work outs do not need to be long to be beneficial!

Alternatively, you could make up for missing the gym by being active elsewhere. Put on some skates and get a great cardio workout at the icerink, wrap up warm and go for a magical winter walk or climb up into the loft to get the decorations out. Just do not let yourself turn into a couch potato who watches back to back christmas films all day long.


A few evenings off from partying and an early night are essential. It is harder to loose weight if you do not have a good nights sleep. Plus sleep will make you feel better in general and can prevent you from getting run down and catching the dreaded winter cold.

Take the Stairs.

Most large shops will have lifts, escalators and stairs. Now we all know that taking the stairs is the most beneficial option here. All it takes is a little bit of will power but you will feel better for it.

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Let’s be honest, fruit is not at the top of our lists over christmas because gingerbread and Cheeselets are more of a priority. In fact, it is very easy to only eat the orange in your stocking and the slice in your mulled wine. However, it is important to get your vitamins all year round, especially when you are busy, having late nights and celebrating. To do this I try to make sure that I have a full fruit bowl on the side at all times. Also, I find that fruit can be put with most desserts. Strawberries can go with a cake, a pavlova or you could just cover them in chocolate. Therefore they still feel like treat AND you are getting your vitamins.

Do not skip meals.

I know that this is a tricky one! During the holiday season you are likely to be extremely busy and constantly out and about- intense shopping trips, travelling long distances to visit family or visiting Christmas markets. A hectic lifestyle inevitably makes it difficult to schedule breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So write out a weekly food plan. Factor in the times in which you will be out eating with friends and make sure you have substantial meals (rather than just a pot noodle) in the fridge for when you are home.


You either love them or hate them but it cannot be denied that they are a festive superfood! They are packed with vitamins c and can truly boost your immune system!

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Go easy on the drink.

Now I am not giving a ban on drinking here (unless you are underage)! A key part of Christmas is the sloe gin, mulled whine and buck fizz! What I am saying is to drink responsibly and do not feel pressured into drinking with friends and family if you do not want to. It is perfectly ok to say no… even though ‘it’s Christmas’. You can still have fun without drinking copious amounts.

Drinking excessively has negative effects on your health and on average, a pint of bear contains 208 calories. So unless you are willing to burn those calories at the gym later… think twice before you order another. Or opt for a healthier option such as Chalky’s Bite which is a cornish beer proven to protect your liver and help your body metabolise sugar.

Water is KEY!

I think every health expert under the sun harps on and on about water. And so they should! It is great for your skin and will give you a healthy glow despite the chilly weather. Also staying hydrated is vital throughout the whole year, not just at Christmas.

Drinking a glass of water before a big meal prevents you from over indulging during a meal. It satiates your hunger and deceptively makes you feel full up a lot quicker.

Also a big glass of water before bed is important, especially if you have had a few drinks that day. It’ll prevent the chances of a banging headache the next morning. If you have not been drinking, still drink water before bed. At least it will help to get your step count up if it causes you to get up and go to the toilet during the night!

So there we go. I hope that this helps you stay fit and healthy over the christmas period, but do not stress over your weight! This can have more negative effects than positives. Christmas is the time for having fun, celebrating and enjoying yourself. So if that means having extra pigs in blankets, go for it.

Love Soph xxx

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