My Week in Pictures 6, 7 & 8

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Hey everyone,

Well as you can tell, my weekly My Week in Pictures has fallen completely off the track! I am already three weeks behind! I honestly have no idea where August has gone- it has flown by in a flash! So not to bombard you with too many pictures, here is a summary of past three weeks in Pictures

Sunday 6th August- Saturday 12th August


An extremely sunny day at work- which was a real contrast to last week. Check out My Week in Pictures 5 to see how rainy the previous week had been!


Monday was my day off so I went shopping in Canterbury.

Canterbury is beautiful during the summer, partly due to all of the market stalls that are set up. They sell everything from fresh fruit to hot dogs!

Despite all of the delcious food available at the stalls, my brothers and I went for a Traditional English Breakfast. You cannot beat it. Yet food like this throws my summer diet out of the window!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Three very busy and exciting days at work, however the weather was bizarre! Whilst there were patches of glorious sun, there were also jet black rain clouds of doom. These inevitably resulted in a massive thunderstorm!

As you can probably tell, due to the fact that I work outside, my days are impacted heavily by the weather. Plus I am British… So I am bound to talk about the weather a lot!


The Weekend Birthday Celebrations begin (after work obviously)!

Not only was it the Birthday Weekend for my two brothers, but it was also the 21st Birthday of my Best friend/ Partner in Crime.

We had a small family party on Friday night (on their Birthday Eve)

A Birthday Party is never complete without a Colin the Caterpillar!

One of my brothers got a record player for his Birthday and I loved it!


Saturday was a hectic day. I woke up bright and early to celebrate my Brother’s birthday in the morning and then I went for lunch at a local farm house.

For the rest of the afternoon, I had to entertain and prevent my Best Friend/ Partner in Crime from going home because we had organised a surprise 21st Birthday for him. All of his family and friends had travelled down to celebrate!  Such an amazing night <3

Sunday 13th August- Saturday 19th August


It was the Medieval Joust Weekend at Dover Castle, so I visit the site to watch the first joust that English Heritage have ever had at the Castle. It was a truly incredible event and I hope that they display it again next year! If you would like to learn more about Dover Castle, check out my Guide to Dover Castle. 

The Birthday celebrations were not over yet… we then had a massive family dinner Sunday evening. It consisted of loads of food, laughs and cake!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Work, work and more work! Although I did spend Wednesday evening going through a box of old family photos with my dad!


Saturday night, after work, was spent house sitting, eating chocolate and watching Top Gun! It is such a good film.

Sunday 20th August- Saturday 26th August


As August was drawing to an end, we had a staff BBQ on Sunday evening. Despite the fact that it rained ALL evening, everyones spirits were high, the BBQ was yummy and the game of volley ball was extremely competitive! Sadly, I did not take any BBQ photos to share with you.

However, I did take a photo of the Fudge that I was given by the family I house sit for! It was unbelievably yummy!


Monday evening, after work, I met up with an old school friend for dinner. It was lovely to have a catch up (but once again I was a bad blogger and forgot to take a photo of my food. Just try and imagine a photo of the tastiest Toad in the Hole ever).

As the air was still warm, we then took an evening stroll along the beach.


An uneventful or photograph worthy day at work.


 I only worked a half day on Wednesday, so I went for a late lunch/ early dinner at Burger Bros. I have wanted to visit the restaurant for ages but never got around to it! However, it was worth the wait! The food was incredible! (Plus I remembered to take a photo).

That evening I went on a guided tour through some of the tunnels in the white cliffs that are not open to the public. It was truly amazing! Although the spiders were MASSIVE!

Thursday and Friday 



After work, I went for a delicious curry! Yet we made the mistake of ordering a Vindaloo… my mouth was on FIRE!

We only had a main course at the restaurant because we had planned to cook marshmallows over a pound land BBQ that evening. Melted marshmallows are pure heaven!

Ta da! Three weeks in one post. I hope that I have not bombarded you with too much information but I love writing these posts. As I have said previously, not only are these blog posts for you to read and enjoy, but they are also personal diaries for me- So I hope that you like them! I do plan to keep more up to date with the My Week in Pictures posts because September should be less hectic than August… but I cannot guarantee anything. If you would like to keep up to date with My Week in Pictures then hit that subscribe button and you will be the first to know when I post.

Love Soph xxx

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