My Week in Pictures 3

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Sunday 16th July- Saturday 22nd July

Hey everyone,
I am back with my weekly ‘My Week in Pictures’ and I think that this will become a regular part of my blog. Whilst it functions as a personal diary for me, it is also a way for you to nose into my day to day life.


The pearly rays of sun, the fresh smell in the air and the tweeting morning song of the birds failed to make my Sunday awakening any more joyful. I was not hungover so I decided to blame tiredness (caused by late night bowling on Saturday- check out My Week in Pictures 2) for my grogginess.

After a hectic but fun day at work, I went to my Nans for dinner.

My Nan cooks the best meals (as does everybody’s Nans). Due to the beautiful weather, she cooked a delicious ham, which we ate with salad, potatoes etc. Despite my afternoon nap and the scrumptious food, I still felt bleh. Therefore, as soon as we got home (7:30pm), I went to bed.


I could already tell that Monday would be another scorcher as golden sunlight seeped through the gaps in my curtains. So I got up early, which should have been easy considering I had slept for 11 and a half hours).

After work, three of us headed over to Canterbury to watch Mamma Mia at the Marlow Theatre! The cast were incredible and the music was phenomenal! It was ingenious the way in which they used the ABBA songs to tell a story.

I do not think I can really compare Mamma Mia with Les Mis, which I saw in My Week in Pictures 1, as they are SO different and aim to evoke polar opposite responses from the audience. Mamma Mia was such a joyful, sunny and comical musical that had me laughing (rather than crying) throughout. The lighthearted, feel good nature of the show combined with lycra, romance and hilarious dance routines created an energy that had everyone on their feet, clapping and dancing, by the end. I would see watch Mamma Mia again in a heartbeat!


Tuesday was another gorgeous day and as I was meant to catch up with old school friend, it automatically resulted in a beach day!

The sun was shinning and the sea was glistening whilst we ate ice cream and chatted all afternoon.

Plus we made two new friends at the beach.

Wednesday/ Thursday/ Friday

Admittedly these three days were fairly uneventful and very similar: I worked, had dinner and watched Love Island.

Oh, on Thursday I actually lost my voice. I have never lost my voice before, but apparently honey and lemon is the solution. It seemed to do the trick!

However the uneventfulness did mean that got around to writing two new Blog posts (they are linked below if you would like to check them out):

– Guide to Dover Castle

– Summer Wish List



Now Saturday definitely made up for how uneventful the past three days were.

Like the beginning of the week, the sun was strong and the air warm, so we headed to Deal Beach. Deal is a quaint little sea side town which is very popular with Londoners who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

At the edge of the shingle lies Deal Castle, a Tudor artillery coastal fort, built under King Henry VIII.

Unfortunately a lot of conservation and building work was taking place, so we could not see all of the castles’ interior in its true glory. However, I am sure that it will look incredible once it is done. We also had an audio guide which helped us imagine what some of the exhibitions would have look like without scaffolding and dust sheets.

The concentric exterior of the castle was stunning and its history was fascinating. It is well worth a visit.

A day in Deal is not complete without going somewhere to eat. They have Fish and Chip shops lining the Seafront, quirky restaurants hidden within the winding back streets and quaint tea rooms scattered throughout the town. We opted for Fish and Chips for lunch and stopped off in one of the many tea rooms for a coffee and mango juice.

Unfortunately the weather began to cloud over… but that did not matter because Deal also has a few arcades. £1 or £2 can create hours of fun on the 2p machines. It was one of my favourite treats as a child.

We also met up with my brother and his friend for a game of pool.

So that’s a wrap! I hope you have enjoyed another ‘My Week in Photos’. If you have, please subscribe to this blog and leave a comment. Stay tuned for more (can you say tuned when it is a blog rather than a TV programme?)

Love Soph xxx

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