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The sun is out, the schools have broken up for the holidays and I cannot stop eating cherries… This can only mean that summer is in full swing. It also means that shops and companies are releasing loads of new products. Many of which I will never buy (because some have a huge price tag) but a girl can dream!

I have seen quite a few wish list posts, so I thought I would create my own Summer Wish List.

  1. Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato Collection

Would I even be a blogger if I did not love Zoella? I absolutely love her Youtube Channel and as a byproduct of this… I love her beauty range. I was extremely excited to see the new releases on the Superdrug website.

I have yet to smell any of Zoella’s new products or actually see them in real life yet. However, the packaging alone has already earnt them a place on my Wishlist. 

My favourite packaging has to be the Shower Shake which resembles a milkshake! I think that if I were to buy any of these products, I would get:

  • The Gelat’Eau Body Mist (if I like the smell) because you cannot go wrong with a body mist. Plus, I think it would last longer than some of the other products, such as the Bath Wafers. (currently £6 on the Superdrug website but will be £8)

  • The Gelato Body Pudding- Firstly, because I love the name. Secondly because I always need something to moisturise my legs in the summer. I also think that the little dissolving pink balls will be really cool! (currently £6 on the Superdrug website but will be £8)

2. Urban Decay: Naked Heat Palette

It seems as though every Beauty blogger, artist and lover owns an Urban Decay eye shadow palette. Whilst I am certainly a Beauty Lover, I have yet to come to terms with splashing out £39.50 on one palette.

Nevertheless I absolutely adore the colours in the Naked Heat Palette. I think that the beautiful warm tones will be perfect for the summer but also the burnt oranges and warm browns can be worn throughout the autumn. You could also get a lot of use out of the neutral colours all year round. I think a huge pull factor for this palette is the fact that it has matte as well as shimmery shadows so it can create subtle (perfect for the day time) and dramatic looks (stunning for the evening)! This palette could easily become a staple part of your daily makeup bag whatever the season or occasion.

3. Rimmel Matte Liquid Lip Colour

A friend at work wore this lipstick, in the colour Fire Starter, the other day. It looked absolutely gorgeous on her lips and I was shocked to see that it was extremely long lasting. It had lasted a full day at work, three games of rounders as well as dinner and drinks at our local Weatherspoon’s. She only topped it up after work. By 10pm that evening, I could not see any flaking (I was sitting a socially acceptable distance away) or patchiness. We were all so impressed that the Liquid Lip was passed around the table for inspection!

The next time I am in Boots or Superdrug, I will definitely be getting my hands on one of these Liquid Lip Colours for £5.99. From the website, I really like the colour Be My Baby. However, it is often the case that website colours online differ from the colours in reality (which is why I am waiting to buy one in store).

Primark Love Island T-shirt

The internet went crazy in response to Primark releasing T-shirts with Love Island quotations on them. For the past 7 weeks, between 9 and 10pm, Love Island has taken over my family TV and many others across the country. The reality TV show is addictive and full of catchy one-liners, such as ‘100% my type of paper’. The T-shirts are £6 and there is a part of me (the Love Island obsessed fangirl) that wants to buy one. However, the rational part of me knows that I would never actually wear one in public and that the Love Island craze will die out within the next few weeks. So I think the Primark T-shirts will remain on my wish list and never actually make their way into my wardrobe.

5. Asos

So I have spoken in depth about my top 4 (which are mainly beauty) but, like many people, I have an extensive wish list on Asos. So here is a selection of items that would be perfect for Summer 2017! If you click on the images, you will be redirected to the website in which you can buy them.




Denim Jacket:


So there we go, my summer wish list. I hope you have enjoyed this type of post. If you have and you would like to see more then please comment below.

Love Soph xxx

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