My Week in Pictures 2

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Sunday 9th July- Saturday 15th July

Whilst this week may not have been as spontaneous as week 1, it was still fun and exciting. Admittedly, the beginning of the week was a little bit slow and very little happened. However, things began to pick up again by the end of the week.


It was another scorcher! So we decided to have the family round and have a massive curry (all curtesy of M&S) for dinner.

It was really warm late into the evening so we sat outside and enjoyed the evening sun!

Also, just as a side note- When it is really hot, like it has been the past few weeks, please keep an eye on your pets. Make sure that they have easy access to plenty of water, shade and the option to head back inside if they want. They can easily overheat so just take a little extra precaution whilst the weather is so warm.


Work, Work… and more work. I think I just came home and crashed.. so nothing exciting.


Tuesday was a very similar day to Monday, although I met up with an old school friend after work. It was great to have a catch up.

So far this week looks a little boring… but keep reading because it gets better! I promise!


After an extremely busy day at work, we all gathered to play rounders.

For those of you who do not know what rounders is: It is a bat-and-ball game, in which two teams take it in turn to bat and field. It is a sport that has been played in England since Tudor times.

Whilst none of us are professional at rounders, the game always gets highly competitive!

(I cannot really explain what I am doing in this photo haha)

After 2 and a half hours of fun, laughter and team spirit we finished the game and headed down to our local Weatherspoons for victory drinks/ commiseration drinks.


Thursday was my day off so I got loads of odd jobs around the house sorted, I went to Tescos and I headed down the town.

I then went to my favourite local farmhouse for lunch- they do the BEST bacon sandwiches!


After work, 3 friends and I went out in Canterbury and we ended up in Kaspas. Kaspa’s has to be my favourite food place in the world- it is a dessert house that serves fresh, mouth-watering waffles and delicious crepes.

We then headed back to a friends house and ended up playing a savage game of Cards Against Humanity. A fantastic way to spend a Friday night!


Whilst I did not get home until 12ish on Friday night, my alarm went off at 6am on Saturday morning. The shrilling bleat from my alarm jarred me out of a deep sleep and quickly reminded me that I was attending the Next Sale with my Mum.

In previous years, the Next Sale has been a real success. There used to be tonnes of bargains, queues that were one hundred people deep and a real buzz. However, this year, hardly any of the summer items had been reduced, there were hardly any customers nor was there any excitement. Although, I did manage to get a really cute diffuser for £6 rather than £16.

After an intense shopping day, Saturday night was spent bowling with friends. It is safe to say that I lost… by ALOT. However, I still had a lot of fun.

So there we go everyone- My Week in Pictures 2! I hope you have enjoyed it. I enjoy writing these posts so stay tuned for some more!

Love Soph xxx

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