My Week in Pictures 1

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Sunday 2nd July 2017- Saturday 8th July 2017

Oh what a week! 7 consecutive days that were full of surprises, laced with excitement and fuelled by spontaneity.

Admittedly it might seem strange for me to start my week on a Sunday rather than a Monday. However, my work rota starts on a Sunday, so in my head this is when my week begins. One positive of this is that I do not really get the Monday morning blues!


Spontaneous plan number 1: Visiting Wingham Wildlife Park.

This had not been preplanned but it was a gorgeous sunny day so we hopped into the car and headed to Wingham Wildlife Park. It was an absolutely wonderful day out- if you want to see more pictures, check my Wingham Wildlife Park post out.

The sun stayed strong late into the evening so we had a family BBQ. The £10 Argo paddling pool was definitely needed and Muffin was desperate to get in!


Spontaneous Plan Number 2: Travel up to London to watch Les Miserables!

Dinner at TGIF!

The Show:

Immensely poignant, highly emotional and musically phenomenal. From the first beat of the drum my goosebumps were up and by the final note my makeup had all run down to my chin. (I really should have worn waterproof mascara). I am a bit of a Westendaholic (lets pretend that Westendaholic is a word). Yet I have never seen anything as moving or magical as Les Mis. We were truly immersed into the world of Jean Valjean. The audience weeped at the death of Eponine (and at the deaths of pretty much most of the cast), they were drawn into the dreams of revolution and they laughed at the lighthearted humour of the Thenardier. Les Miserables is truly a MUST SEE show but remember to take your tissues.


After work I went for dinner with family at The Lanes in Deal. They make unique and quirky meals (such as pulled pork in a cornetto cone) and the tastiest cocktails!


Spontaneous Plan Three: It was another beautiful sunny day so I went for a beautiful walk.

Also, after work I made the Perfect Pimm’s. (I suppose this could also be classified as spontaneous)

I then went and sorted out my Bookshelf- you can check out my Youtube video here:


Work, work, work, work, work.

Oh but check out this cool chocolate bomb dessert:


UNI RESULTS DAY! I do not get any signal at work so I had to wait in suspense until 6pm to get my results.

To top the day off, I then went to watch Olly Murs in Canterbury. He was a truly phenomenal performer- a proper showman. He was cocky, flirty and had all of the Dad moves. What surprised me the most was the there were people of all ages- children, teenagers, young and middle ages adults as well as people over sixty. Everyone left buzzing.


Nothing beats going for a meal and then heading to Cinema on a Saturday night… especially when it is to see the new Spiderman Homecoming. This rebirth of Spiderman (again) was funny and lighthearted as it juggled a story of a teenager and the story of a superhero. On top of this, it was laced with Captain America: Civil War links and Ironman made a reoccurring appearance. Loved it!


So there we go- My Week in Pictures (and three videos). This is the first time I have done something like this, so I hope that you like it. I have had such an eventful week, so I thought that I should give you a glimpse into it.

Love Soph xxx

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