My Summer Secret Garden 

It has been just over a week since My Secret Flower Garden post went up on my blog and since then, I have had a real buzz for making my garden look summery.

It is another beautiful day; the sun is out and the sky is blue. So here are a few more sneak peaks into my secret summer flower garden.

I get a lot of birds in my garden so I recently purchased this bird bath off amazon. The birds love it!

As you can see, I have planted a lot more pinks.



Plus, my grass is a little greener due to a few days of rain!

So there we go! Another glimpse into my garden. I love the summer as everything is bright and you have the opportunity to spend more time outside. To me, it is important to make sure that my garden looks pretty, smells fresh and is a calming space to sit and read in.

I hope you have enjoyed this short but colourful post!

Love Soph xxx

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