My Secret Flower Garden

Nothing says summer more than bright and beautiful flowers blooming in the garden (other than suncream and possibly ice cream).

Since I live in Kent, also known as the Garden of England, I thought I would give you a glimpse into my own personal flower garden.

As you can see, I adore bright flowers!





As a little side note, I am just going to apologise for the state of my grass. Any of you living in the UK can vouch for me when I say that the past few weeks have been scorching- reaching 30 degrees celsius some days! For some people, who do not live in the UK, that kind of heat is perfectly normal. However, for us Brits, it is a climatic phenomenon and something that we feel obliged to acknowledge and talk about. The beating sun has had a negative impact on my grass… which looks more like dried up straw at the moment. So I am apologising for the patchy brown grass (it should be lush and green again once we get some rain) but the flowers have magically survived the heat!

I am fascinated by posts about peoples gardens and houses (clearly I am nosey), so I hope you have enjoyed this small snapshot into my garden.

Love Soph xxx

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