Summer Holiday Dresses- Tenerife

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Four nights in Tenerife= Valid excuse to buy four new evening dresses!

I love wearing dresses but I find that living in rainy old England restricts the amount I can wear them, especially evening dresses. I find that the air is too cold at night to wear short dresses or any thing made out of a thin material. Also, I feel like I only have the confident to wear extremely bright colours, like orange, when the sun is out! Therefore, when I do go abroad, I try to wear dresses that I would not usually wear in England.

Evening Number One:


The first evening, I opted for a fun loving Cold Shoulder Dress from H&M. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that they have combined an off the shoulder, puffy sleeve style with decorative shoulder straps! I love it! Even though the shoulder straps just sit there and lack an active function, they do make the dress more versatile. I feel as though the straps allow you to wear it as a day dress as well as an evening outfit. Admittedly, the shoulder straps were reluctant to stay put on my shoulders, however the elasticated sleeves remained secure all evening. So I had no fear of falling out of the dress.

The main body of the dress was fitted, particularly around my hips. Initially I was a tad concerned, because I though that this would make it uncomfortable to wear in the heat. Yet surprisingly, the thin cotton material kept me relatively cool. I think that the flouncy hem was one of the main reasons I bought this dress. The gorgeous checked skirt gives the dress character and makes it a little bit cheeky!

I bought it for £24.99 but it is now selling for £15.99– So it is now a bargain for all of you!

Evening Number Two:

Dress number two was a bright, red, sleeveless dress from Zara. You cannot go wrong with a little red dress, especially whilst you are on holiday. The neckline is extremely flattering and comfy… once it is on. There is not a zip or button on the dress so you have to squeeze your head between a stretchy by tiny hole. I would suggest putting the dress on before you do your hair and possibly your makeup. My eyebrows were smudged when I tried to get into this dress.

The red lace is absolutely stunning but, just like any other form of lace, it easily snags on my jewellery. However you can subtly poke the snags behind the lace so as you cannot see them! Beneath the lace layer is a thin red lining. It is lightweight and prevents the lace from rubbing against your sensitive skin (I don’t know about you, but my skin is so sensitive after a day in the sun). The lining also provides a layer which protects your modesty. The lace is gorgeous but you do not want everyone seeing your underwear!

Once again, I paid £25.99 for this… but it has been reduced to £17.99!

Evening Number Three:

Night number three was another Zara dress. That evening I felt tanned enough to wear a white, sleeveless midi dress with black polka dots. I only really wear white dresses when I have a tan because, due to my skin tone, white tends to make me look washed out. Therefore, I usually save my white numbers for the last few nights of a holiday. This dress does come in other patterns and colours, including a bold red… but everyone knows I couldn’t wear red two nights in a row.

I tend to stay away from square necklines… I do not even know why! However, on this dress, the neckline worked!My favourite part of the dress was the slit in the back, along the hem. It meant that I could actually walk in the dress, rather than shuffle. Plus, it was fun and flirty.

On top of all of this, it was by far the cheapest dress I bought. At only £12.99… it was a steal!

Evening Number Four:

Admittedly my last outfit was not technically a dress. It was a little jumpsuit that looked like a dress (so if we ignore the fact that it had shorts under the skirt, then it can go in this blog post). Jumpsuits are perfect for the evening because they are comfy, allow you to move around (without the fear of flashing) but still look smart and sophisticated.

This particular Zara jumpsuit was made of a heavy material but it did not make me hot. The little pockets are perfect for if you do not want to take a handbag with you. Furthermore, the side buckles are purely decorative but they dress the outfit up. I also find that a pair of wedges/heels add that extra magic to the look.

I absolutely adore this outfit and unfortunately it is no longer sold in Zara. They still make similar jumpsuits, but not this specific one (I think it was apart of the 2016 summer collection). If you are heading on holiday, then I would suggest investing in a short jumpsuit because you cannot go wrong with them.

So there we go! These were my four evening summer outfits. I hope that they have given you some inspiration for when it comes to getting together holiday outfits. I am always looking for new, stylish (yet reasonably priced) dresses, so if you have any suggestions, please leave a link below!

Love Soph xxx

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