June Favourites

Hi everyone!

I cannot believe that it is JUNE already! It feels as though Christmas was only last month. However, June has, by far, already been one of my favourite months this year and I have discovered ALOT of wonderful products. I love to read, or watch on youtube, other peoples talk about their monthly favourites, so I thought I would share my June favourites with you.

1. The M&S Pure Acacia Honey

It is a delicious slice of honeycomb submerged into Acacia Honey. I cannot remember exactly how much it cost and unfortunately, I cannot find it online either. This might be because it is limited edition… (If you find it online, please send me a link). However, I do remember it being fairly pricy (for a jar of honey).

Yet it is SO worth it. I love to drizzle it over my hot buttery toast or croissants and my brothers have it on their porridge. It is a true indulgence and a perfect start to your day.

Whilst I was searching through Google, trying to find the M&S Pure Acacia Honey, I did stumble across Sainsbury’s Hilltop Honey Cut Comb in Acacia Honey which costs £6. I have not tried it but from the description, it sounds very similar so if you cannot find the honey in your local M&S, then head to Sainsbury’s.

2. Imperial Leather

Whilst I am more of a bath, rather than a shower, kinda gal, I do adore the Imperial Leather shower gels. I think that this is mainly due to the fact that they all smell fantastic! They really freshen you up, without the scent being too overpowering.
I am currently using the Zesty Lime And Kiwi Shower Gel but love the other scents too, particularly the marshmallow one. You can buy 250ml bottles of these shower gels in Tescos for just £1. They create a lot of bubbles, truly refresh your skin and they will leave you feeling smooth!

3. Tangle Teezer

I bought my Tangle Teezer in mid May and it has completely changed the way I approach my hair. This brush is a detangling genius and I no longer suffer with knotty hair. I have already notice that I have fewer split ends and after use, my hair is always silky smooth.

If you struggle with knotted hair or feel like you are participating in a constant uphill battle against split ends, then give it a go! I promise that you will see a difference in your hair.

4. Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

I would also say that a change in Shampoo and Conditioner has contributed to the improved condition of my hair. Usually, I buy whatever shampoo and conditioner is on offer at Tescos, but for my Birthday (in April) my Nan bought me the Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. After just one wash my hair felt smoother, silkier and cleaner (I could not stop running my fingers through it). I automatically assumed that this product was highly expensive due to its outstanding results and because I had never bought it before (as it had never been on offer at my local Tescos).

HOWEVER, a few days later…. I was in POUNDLAND and they were selling 150ml bottles of Argan Oil Shampoo and Condition! Now, I do not know if all UK Poundlands are selling them, but I know that the Poundland in Canterbury, Dover and York are. This was VERY exciting for me. If you see them in your local Poundland, pick them up and give them a go because they work miracles.

5. Ted Baker Body Shimmer Soufflé

I know I have already mentioned this product in my Beach Holiday Essentials Blog but it is honestly my new found love! It can be bought in Boots for just £5, which is a bargain considering it was originally priced at £10. I received this as a birthday gift, but I will definitely be re-buying it once my current pot runs out. However, I think that my current pot will last me quite a while because a small amount of the soufflé goes a long way!

The silky Soufflé gives my skin a natural healthy glow and the golden shimmers glisten as they catch the light. It is highly moisturising, so it is perfect for your arms and legs in the summer!

As I side note, I also love the packaging! The sleek white and gold packaging looks so stylish in the bathroom.

6. Cheap and Chic Stars Moschino Perfume

Each squirt is a burst of roses, lilies, orange flower and jasmine. Despite all of the flowers, the perfume does not have that old fashioned floral scent. I think that this is due to the underlying musky woody smell which clings to your skin and lasts all day. I usually opt for fruity perfumes in the summer and save woody ones for the winter but I have been loving this perfume all month. A few squirts last all day and I have received so many compliments!

7. Benetint

At £25.50… it is expensive. However it can withstand:


-Messy food in general

-12 hours at work

-A night out

-Swimming (I would say that it is almost water resistant, as long as you do not rub it with water)

-Oh and most importantly… a kiss

If you want a long-lasting lip stain, that does not go patchy, then it might be worth investing in the Benetint. Also, you can create different levels of intensity with it. Applying one or two layers creates a natural pink look whereas more layers create a bolder lip.

The Benetint also doubles up as a cheek stain but I have stayed clear of using it like this. The one and only time I applied it to my lips resulted in blotchy pink stains on my cheek. Not the look I was going for. However it is a perfect lip tint.

8. Rimmel Moisture Renew Sheer and Shine

Rimmel Moisture Renew Sheer and Shine is a cheaper product that costs £6.49 and it is often included in 3 for 2 offers. It gives you that beautiful, healthy and natural shine that is appropriate for everyday wear and for a work environment. Whilst it creates the shine of a lipgloss it is not sticky or gloppy- it is lightweight and absorbs into your lips. After wearing Rimmel Moisture Renew Sheer and Shine all day, my lips are left feeling rejuvenated. I also LOVE the fact that this lipsticks an SPF of 20! For any of you who have never burnt your lips before… let me tell you that you NEVER want to. It was so painful and the dead/burnt skin that flaked off my lips for the following week was extremely unattractive. By using this lipstick, you will prevent yourself from facing the horrors of a lip burnt.

The one I own is in the shade ‘Good Mauve’, which creates a natural look on my lips. You can buy it in brighter colours, such as Pink Rules, but they are not strongly pigmented so the colour is not bold or bright. The aim is to moisturise the lips and to create a natural shine rather than to change the colour of your lips (unlike matte lipsticks).

9. Primark Sunglasses

I am unwilling to spend a lot of money on things that I know will get broken. I go through sunglasses like there is no tomorrow ( I usually sit on them). Therefore, Primark is my go to shop for summer sunglasses. I got the pair below for just £2. They might not be as sturdy as an expensive designer pair but they do the same job and I am not afraid to wear them or shove them in my bag.

10. Watermelon

So far, June has been an absolute scorcher! I cannot remember the last time England was this stiflingly hot! When it is this hot, watermelon is my go to fruit. It is perfect at breakfast, for dessert and everything in-between! It is delicious any time of the day. So much so that by weight, it is the most consumed melon in the US! As an added bonus, it is also high in vitamin C and A. So you can be healthy whilst indulging in a sweet and delicious treat.

I personally prefer watermelons with seeds, rather than the seedless ones. However in this photo, my slice looks seedless! It is not- I promise.

So there we go everyone. These are the top 10 things that I have been loving, this June. If you have never tried them, then give them a go! I would love to hear about some of your June favourites so either comment them below or send me a link to your blog.

Love Soph xxx

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