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Whenever I go on holiday, I always forget something! There is just so many little daily bits and bobs that are easily forgotten when it comes to packing. So here is a list of summer holiday essentials- to ensure that you do not forget anything!

Passport and Travel documentation:


If you are going somewhere hot, then suncream is essential!


You will also need aftersun to calm your skin down after a day in the sun.

Body Moisturiser:

I have recently discovered the Ted Baker Body Shimmer Soufflé. It is a beautiful goldy cream with flecks of glitter in it. When you rub it into your skin it creates a natural summer glow and your skin shimmers in the light. Perfect to take on a summer holiday.


Although you could probably buy some cheap sunglasses on holiday, it is always best to bring one or two pairs with you. You will need them as soon a you get off the plane to the time when you get onto your return flight!

I quite like Primark sunglasses because they are so cheap- it means you can buy a few pairs without being out of pocket too much. Plus it is not as much of a problem if you break or loose them (unlike loosing £100 designer sunglasses)




They are light weight in your case and you will find yourself wearing them all day.  Also, you should take lightweight, floaty outfits or shorts and a top to put over your Bikini for when you are walking around the hotel etc.


For most of the day, you will just wear flipflops. Since they never last for too long, I just buy my flipflops from Primark. These pineapple flipflops only cost me £2! BARGAIN!


I have a fringe, so my parting burns as soon as the tiniest bit of sunlight touches it! Then my scalp is sore for the next few days until it flakes and then I look like I have severe dandruff. Disgusting- I know! Therefore, the solution is to wear a hat. It also keeps your head slightly cooler so it reduces the chance of sunstroke.

Evening Wear:

Take one outfit per evening. I usually take dresses as they are one item of clothing but make up a whole outfit (rather than a separate top and skirt). This reduces the amount of evening clothes you pack and decreases your chance of forgetting an important part of your evening clothes.

Depending on where you are going and the temperature, you may want to take a light jacket or cardigan to put on once the sun goes down and the temperature drops.


Make sure your underwear will go under your evening wear! On summer holidays, I tend to wear strappy, thin or white dresses. Therefore, bright red underwear would not be subtle or appropriate. If you are wearing a white outfit, take nude underwear OR if you are taking a strapless outfit, take a strapless bra.

Evening footwear:

Shoes are heavy and expensive. So, you cannot go wrong with buying a pair of black heels or wedges- they will go with EVERYTHING (so you only need to take one pair of evening shoes).


Easily forgotten but very important- especially if there is something like a fire alarm and you have to leave your room in the middle of the night.


1. Toothbrush/ Toothpaste

2. Shampoo/ Condtioner (other hair products)

3. Hair dryer/ Straighteners/ Brushes/ Combs

4. Shower Gel

5. Facewash/ Makeup wipes
6. shaving equipment
7. Makeup

8. Contact lens solution (and spare lenses. There is nothing worse than damaging a contact lense on holiday and not bringing any spares).


If you are a bookworm then you had better stock up on some new reading material before you go! I order all of mine from Amazon- with Prime, they arrive the next day!

Chargers and adapters:

DO NOT forget your phone chargers because they are overpriced at the airport. They know that you need one so they rank up the prices! Also, if you are traveling to a country that use a different plug socket, then make sure that you bring the CORRECT adapters. I made the mistake of taking US adapters to Rome…


There is no point in taking a charger if you have nothing to charge


Make sure you take the correct currency with you on holiday and enough to get you through the trip. The last thing you want is to be looking for a cash point whilst you are on holiday.

So there we go. I hope I have covered the basic essentials for your summer holiday and helped you with your packing. If you have found this helpful or I have forgotten something essential, then please leave a comment.

Have an amazing holiday!

Love Soph xxx

6 thoughts on “Beach Holiday Essentials”

  • Very useful post, especially with summer upon us 🙂 I like how you’ve added images instead of just using words… Gives more of a perspective 🙂

    • I am glad you like it! I prefer to read posts that have visuals in them- I agree, it gives more of a perspective!

      Thank you for the comment (my first comment)! I hope you stick around to see more from my blog.

    • Aww. Thank you so much Siyana! That means a lot. The shoes go with absolutely everything and they were from H&M.

      Love Soph xxx

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